From the recording Pigeon's Throat



Born beside the water sign all radiant and green
One hand in the ocean and the other in a stream
One hand on the mountain top the other in a hole
Head and neck are up my ass / they search for heart and soul
Muscle nerve and wind chime become golden lucky fear
I'm slowly getting bolder with the shifting of each gear
Grinding teeth and rising tides / Wet pants and tired jaw
Backed in yonder corner like a wire wearing raw


Lantern lights the window pure and simple like a gate
Lighter than a feather / I can wait

The rooster crows at midnight and the dog he barks at dawn
Both longing for a stronger lung or at least a stronger song
Balancing the wind chime like a flame just out of tune
I've got a notion there's an ember / Burning ember
Burning like a root
Smoke is eating up the couch / Fire at my feet
Sticks are holding up the house / Horses kissing heat
There's a fat ass in the window wearing furry victim lace
Causing hollow holding patterns like the circles of my face


I'm drinking up the garden because the summer's all alone
Lightning lights the cold front / Then the thunder calls it home
Raindrops on the basil tasting shiver on the leaf
Whispers blow the covers / Kick the covers
The covers kicking free
Staring at the scapegoat and he wears my lucky shirt
His voice of reason sounds like mine / All rotted wood and dirt
And there's time for taking on what other builders have begun
And if the hammer knows the rhythm / Keeps the rhythm
Then half the battle's won


Someone's wasting motor oil and someone's courting trees
Someone's riding batmobiles and someone's breaking knees
Someone's making rules breaking rules making claims
Playing cowboy like an acrobat
Riding shotgun taking aim
Someone's eating peanuts and someone's taking swings
Someone makes a point while someone thinks of other things
Someone hits the relay man and someone's rounding third
Someone phones the bullpen / Take a message / Leave a message
Hit the dirt