From the recording Pigeon's Throat



My time is a coming / It'll only take time
As I polish my zenith and mop up the slime
My ship will come in / I'm happy to say
It's just dozens of minutes away
All ye barnstorming farmers - obeyers of rent
Surveyors of emptiness - fans of the accident
Carry a torch for that satisfied crowd
And the Ripe Unacceptable Now


Ripe Ripe Ripe Unacceptable
Now Now Now Unacceptable
All my ninety-nine lives have been spent in the eye of the
Ripe Unacceptable Now

Timing is something 'cuz nothing is everything
Strategy, neon, location, location
I once had a thought; I once had a plan
To polish the radiant plow
I'm finding direction in fiction and turns
Moments of coast follow friction that burns
I'm dying to meet you - I hope it works out
For your Ripe Unacceptable Now



All of my coals have been raked
All of my sticks have been staked
All of my burdens are caked in a crust that tastes
Stranger and stranger and stranger

So fare thee well dreamers and fare thee well kings
Fare thee well ringers who bare gifts of rings
Those bells don't fix nothing / Don't brake when you bow
To the Ripe Unacceptable Now.


My eyes are like deserts - They're distant and dry
My neck stretches my buttery spine to the sky
My feet are my wings but they march in my mouth
To the Ripe Unacceptable Now
Denial is costly / Reality painful
My posture is slipping / My ego is shameful
Begging your pardon, I'm eternally loud
It's my Ripe Unacceptable Now